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How to Train Your Pet to Use a Dog Door

Dog playing outside with owner behind himImagine a life with more freedom and flexibility for you and your dog. JGM Pet Doors can make that a reality with a secure pet door installation. Dog owners know all too well how inconvenient it can be to constantly let pups outside when you’re juggling a million other things. A doggie door will help alleviate accidents and put your dog in control of going outside.

No matter your pet’s age, there will be a bit of training involved to teach a dog how to use a doggie door. With patience and consistency, you will see why this feature is such an important asset to your home.
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3 Reasons To Love JGM Pet Doors

3 Reasons to love JGM Pet Doors

You care about your pets, but life can get busy. Mornings are often rushed, weekends can be filled with errands and some days just feel like there isn’t any time to take a break. Our pet doors provides the convenience your pet needs to go outside by themselves and saves you time, allowing you to get out the door on time – every time. This is what we like to call a win-win situation!

It is our mission to improve the quality of life for both you and your pet. Pet doors can enhance your pet’s health and create a stress-free routine that allows your pet to explore the outdoors on their own schedule. Both you and your pet will find many benefits come with installing a pet door.

Health Benefits

Exercise is extremely important to your pet’s well-being, both mentally and physically. Overall, exercise increases your pet’s happiness and extends their lifespan by keeping them fit and healthy. The freedom to go outside at will can keep your pet stimulated and help them remain alert well into their elder years. With a pet door, your furry friend will get the active lifestyle they need to prevent heart disease and other illnesses.

Going too long without a restroom break isn’t just painful for your pet; it can also lead to health problems, such as urinary tract infections. Pet doors help keep your pet comfortable and healthy – even if your schedule demands long hours at work or evening travel.

Protection and Safety Benefits

There are countless tales of pets protecting their owners. From a viral video of a cat saving a child from a dog attack to stories of family dogs rescuing their owners from fires or natural disasters, it is clear that your pet would do anything to keep you safe. Pet doors give your pet the chance to escape in case of a home emergency, or even to alert the neighbors if something is seriously wrong inside the house. Every pet can be a hero given the right opportunity!

Time Management

You no longer have to play doorman every time your furry friend needs to use the restroom, which means fewer accidents – and more sleep at night. Enjoy your Saturday mornings with a leisurely breakfast instead of waking up at 6 a.m. to the sound of scratching at the door. Our pet doors allow your dog or cat to come and go at will, allowing you to rest easy knowing they won’t be stuck inside if you have a long day at the office.

Pet lovers in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson can benefit from professional, custom pet door installations from JGM Pet Doors. Treat yourself – and your four-legged friend – and contact us today.

The Industry’s Most Durable And Secure Pet Doors Are Par For The Course At Jgm Pet Doors

Secure Pet DoorsIn creating their custom dog doors and cat doors, JGM Pet Doors knows the importance of using the right materials. In over 18 years in the pet door industry JGM has learned a thing or two about their craft, and is committed to providing owners and their pets with doggie doors of the highest order as well as professional pet door installation. You won’t find any cheap, plastic dog doors here, only nine different sizes of pet doors and the option to custom build a door in any number of places in your home.

At JGM Pet Doors each and every product is made in the U.S. with all American-made parts. And not just any parts but all aluminum heavy duty frames including rust-free all aluminum through wall tunnels. JGM products include:

  • Sliding glass dog doors
  • Sliding dog doors
  • French doors
  • Door with dog doors
  • Replacement dog doors
  • Doggie doors for block walls
  • Doggy doors for brick walls
  • Doors for windows
  • Pet door installation for clients in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas

Cheap plastic dog doors leak climatized air, do not repel rain water and dry rot over a short period of time. By Contrast, JGM Pet Doors are easily the most secure on the market. All of their pet doors are created with a ½ inch thick high density polyethylene security cover that is extremely resistant to high impact forces. Nothing could be more secure!

The upshot of the care, attention to detail and first-rate materials used by JGM is a dog door that is not only durable and secure but also comfortable and functional for your pet. JGM will make certain that each door is the perfect size for your pet, even if it requires building to a custom size to accommodate it. It’s no wonder both dogs and owners love the freedom they get from JGM Pet Doors.

There no doubt about it, JGM Pet Doors builds a great doggie door! We know you want the best for your pet, and so do the professionals at JGM. Call today at (602) PET-DOOR (602-738-3667) and learn about the many great options available to you. And remember, JGM Pet Doors ships nationwide!

How to Train Your Dog to Use a JGM Pet Door

Training your dog to use a newly installed JGM pet door can be a challenging process. Whether you need to train a puppy to use one of our custom dog doors or train an older dog with an extra-large dog door, many of the same training methods can be utilized, provided your dog is not overly shy or fearful. However, even the most timid dog can be trained to use a dog door with patience and time.

There are several key points to consider before starting your dog’s pet door training. After installing your dog door in Phoenix home, keep that door open when you are home so that your pup gets used to going in and out of that doorway, even when the “human” door is closed. In addition, avoid letting the door flap hit your dog at the start of the pet door training, as the unexpected motion could deter them from using the door in the future. Once they get used to the doggie door, you can install the flap.

At least one of these training methods will work for any model of pet door, including pet flaps installed in French doors or sliding glass doors, high-security dog doors, wall dog doors, and patio dog doors.


Lure him with treats
Pet owners know sometimes the best way to coax a dog to do something is to reward them with their favorite treat. Whether your dog prefers biscuits, jerky treats, training treats, peanut butter, or any other snack, chances are they’rewilling to do a lot to be rewarded. Choose a strongly scented treat your dog will be eager to eat. In preparation for your training session, make sure your dog can see that you have the treats and let them sniff your hand to make sure they get excited.

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