Sliding Glass Dog Doors in Phoenix, AZ

Custom Dog Doors for Sliding Glass Doors Across the Valley

Sliding Glass Dog Doors
Our sliding glass dog doors are available for pets of all kinds. One question we often get asked is if we can install a dog door for sliding glass doors? The answer is, yes! Our custom dog doors can be installed on everything from sliding glass to french doors! Our products and services also include:

  • Doors with dog doors
  • Replacement doors
  • Cat doors
  • Doors for walls and windows
  • Additional expert pet door installation

Our pet door installers serve residents of Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding cities! Most of our makes and models are available to clients nationwide. When you work with us you should expect the best, and our promise to you is that you will never be disappointed. Simply put, we do custom pet doors better than anybody else. Call us today and let’s begin the process of creating a little more freedom in the life of you and your pet.

dog door in a sliding glass door
dog door in a sliding glass door

In-Glass Pet Doors
An in-glass pet door installation lets you keep your view while letting your pets access the yard without your assistance. Keep the beauty of your sliding glass doors with the functionality of a sliding glass pet door.

What Makes our Dog Doors for Sliding Doors Stand Out?
With over two decades of experience, we proudly offer superior craftsmanship on all of our pet door installations. Our team is committed to the satisfaction of you and your pets! We know your needs are unique, so we pay close attention to detail so that the finished product you want is the one you get.

  • Our custom products represent the safest and most durable in our industry
  • Each installation is carried out by skilled and experienced professionals
  • Our commitment to craftsmanship compels us to create our doors using only the finest materials from right here in the United States
  • We do installations for clients in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas

Custom Sliding Glass Doors for Pets
Sliding glass dog doors are just an example of the many different options we offer our customers. We will have your pet door installed and functional in no time at all. Look to JGM Pet Doors for the very best in professionalism, craftsmanship and affordability.

We appreciate you considering us for your pet door installation and look forward to discussing the details with you. No matter your needs and where you want the door to be installed in your home, we will create a state-of-the-art finished product that you will absolutely love. Call JGM pet Doors today to learn more about our wonderful line of products.

How does a sliding glass pet door work?
A dog door install from JGM Pet Doors works by installing the pet door directly into the glass. Our installations don’t require any additional panels to be installed on the door tracks. The best part of our installations is that the slider door and dog door operate as one unit.

You will also no longer have to turn sideways to pass through your patio door as there is more room for you and your dog! Since the structural integrity of your slider door with dog door is maintained you don’t need to worry about additional weather stripping or leaking.

How will my sliding glass door lock?
The beauty of a sliding glass dog door from JGM Pet Doors means that your sliding door locks and functions just like normal! Our dog door installations provide the highest level of safety and structural integrity for you and your pet.

There is no need for retrofitting locks onto doors or patio doors as our installations preserve the function of the original door lock. This means your sliding glass door will slide open and closed just like it was intended. As far as our pet door locks, we use state-of-the-art locking mechanisms to keep your home safe.

What makes JGM Pet Doors Different?
With JGM Pet Doors, you pay for quality. Our many years of experience provide you with a high-quality dog door installation and product. Between the energy efficiency and robust nature of our doggie doors you are making a solid investment. All of this translates into more money in your pocket over the long run.