Pet Door Models

Dog door installation available in a variety of applications and locations

JGM Wall Model

JGM offers wall models to fit any thickness of wall. Our dog door is designed to seal up and keep the weather out and your heating and cooling in. The JGM wall model can be installed in either a covered or an exposed area of the house. The JGM wall model is available with options to fit your pet’s needs, including ramps and 2 colors to choose from. Call Today.

JGM Door Model

JGM Pet Doors offers a door model that fits most standard door applications. JGM Pet Doors manufactures a highly secure doggie door that is built to lock up just as the front door of your home with no weakest link avenues for criminals. The JGM Standard Door Model is available in our 2 standard colors. Call Today.

JGM In-Glass-Model & French Door Model

Are you tired of turning side ways to get past your patio door insert? JGM will place a doggie door in the glass so the patio door will operate as it was originally designed and give you your passage space back!

JGM Pet Doors offers dog doors to fit most glass applications including Sliding patio doors, French doors, Windows and more. At JGM, we take our time with your glass job to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the final product that our installers deliver. There are many insect, weather and water intrusion issues to be examined during the install process of an In-Glass model. JGM has the necessary experience needed in working with glass. So go with JGM Pet Doors and get the job done right! Call Today.

JGM Side-Load-Model

JGM has a side load model dog door for your special needs where it is impossible to drop in a top load security cover, such as underneath a cabinet or desk. Contact us today for a quote on one of our special side load model doggie doors with a left or right directional slide of your choice.

Custom Build

We can custom build a doggie door to your specific needs. This includes for Custom French Doors, A JGM dog door that is made to fit into an existing doggie door opening, and specific needs for particular pets other than the common dog or cat. JGM also builds custom ramps and enclosures such as dog houses and enclosed dog runs to keep your pet safe from any wild predators such as coyotes, bobcats and hawks here in the Phoenix / Tucson desert areas.

Custom Residential Applications:
At JGM, this includes dog doors installed in special wall finishes such as Synthetic Stucco, Wood Siding, Vinyl Siding, Block, Red Brick, Adobe and Glass. We take our custom jobs very seriously and are always driven to deliver our clients with the vision that they have. Often our custom jobs will be quoted on an individual basis being that they all differ so much from one job to the next. If you are interested in a custom dog door or have an uncommon type wall finish, please contact us at for a field analysis and quote.

Custom Commercial Applications:
JGM is committed to serving the customer and with that in mind, we offer installation of doggie doors into most commercial glazing systems. There are many condos that have commercial window systems and allow the owner to install a dog door in the glass window that leads out to the patio, porch or veranda. If you are interested in this type of application, please contact us at for a field quote and get the job done right by one of our professional installers!