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Dog door for sliding glass door installation

The Best Dog Door for Your Furry Friend

A Guide to Choosing the Right Pet Door

After scrolling through Pinterest, you have plenty of dog door ideas. You’ve seen everything from flap doors to custom window doors for your pet. Now you need to know if they’re functional and safe for your favorite family member.

Though you liked the idea of letting your cat roam freely out the kitchen window, you might be concerned about her safety. You might also wonder if burglars will be attracted to your pet’s new entrance. Most humans are too large to fit in most pet entrances, so you can rest easy about your home’s security. However, choosing the right pet door for your furry friend is a huge decision.

There are so many important aspects to consider when choosing a pet door that works for your dog, cat, or exotic friend. From wall mounted pet doors to custom fit dog doors, we’re offering the average pet owner a little guide to purchasing the right door.

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