Dog door for sliding glass door installation

The Best Dog Door for Your Furry Friend

A Guide to Choosing the Right Pet Door

After scrolling through Pinterest, you have plenty of dog door ideas. You’ve seen everything from flap doors to custom window doors for your pet. Now you need to know if they’re functional and safe for your favorite family member.

Though you liked the idea of letting your cat roam freely out the kitchen window, you might be concerned about her safety. You might also wonder if burglars will be attracted to your pet’s new entrance. Most humans are too large to fit in most pet entrances, so you can rest easy about your home’s security. However, choosing the right pet door for your furry friend is a huge decision.

There are so many important aspects to consider when choosing a pet door that works for your dog, cat, or exotic friend. From wall mounted pet doors to custom fit dog doors, we’re offering the average pet owner a little guide to purchasing the right door.

Measure Your Pet

First you need to know your dog’s measurements. You can measure your dog at home with a basic tape measurer. It’s suggested that you measure from their shoulders to the ground when establishing the right height. Naturally, you’ll feel the need to start measuring from their head, but most dogs duck before entering a pet entrance.

You also need to measure the width of your dog to determine how wide their pet door needs to be. You can use the same tape measuring method for this, but there’s an easier way.

This easy step can be accomplished by opening your door wide enough for your dog to comfortably walk out. Once they’ve walked away, you can measure the width of the open door. This is usually much easier than trying to measure your playful pup. Tape measurements can easily become hazardous when your dog tries to play tug of war.

You can also use a handy dog door size chart and choose the breed of your dog to determine the right size for their new doggy doors. This saves you time and energy trying to measure your active pet. The JGM Pet Doors size chart takes breed, height, and weight into consideration when deciding which door works best for your pet.

This will help you determine if you need to look at dog doors for large dogs, or if a medium door will do just fine. After deciding if you need an extra-large door, or just a standard size, you can decide on the right budget.

Establish A Budget

Once you have a budget in mind, you can consult with your local pet door installation specialist about your pets’ needs. To get an idea of your budget you should price out the different types of pet doors available for your dog.

Getting an idea of how much you want to spend on installing a pet door is a great idea before scheduling an appointment. This speeds up the process and ensures you’re getting the right quality and door frame for your dog.

Look at dog door prices and find out the best avenue for you and your pet. Large doors typically cost more, so you might want to consider the door size your dog needs before choosing a door or wall model. Price will also vary when choosing what type of wall to install your doggy door in.

You’ll also find that the price might vary depending on what type of flap kit you want. At JGM Pet Doors the 1st year is 100% covered for single and double flap doors. You can check out the JGM Pet Doors Flap Kit Price Chart to see how they price different door flaps for various size doors.

Of course, price is only a small thing to consider when it comes to your beloved pet. When choosing a door, the focus should be on your pup’s comfort and safety. Just make sure you have your budget set and ready when calling your local pet door installation expert.

Select A Style

After measuring your pet and deciding on a budget, you can look at the styles available. When looking at styles, it’s important to think about functionality. Though you might want to install a dog door with a traditional door mount, you might find that wall mount is more realistic.

Many Arizona natives prefer a wall mount because it’s easy to remove and cover in the event of selling a home. It’s also beneficial to keep the cold weather out. Wall mounts usually consist of a tunnel depending on how many inches thick your wall is. They also tend to include door locks to deter other creatures from entering your home.

Many people also find that a dog door for sliding glass doors works best for their family. Many Arizona homes feature a large glass sliding door leading directly to their backyard. Installing a pet door directly into the glass is a great option for pet owners that don’t have a traditional back door.

You might also find that a side-load dog door is the only feasible option for you and your pet. When installing under cabinets or desks, you can’t use a top load security cover. That makes this option great for home offices or commercial pet businesses.

When choosing to install a pet entrance in a door or wall, consider the factors that are most relevant to you and your household. Find more information on pet door models before deciding on that Pinterest post you saved.

Consult With a Professional

With DIY on the rise, it’s tempting to find an “easy to install” pet door and start cutting holes into your walls. Here’s some quick advice on installing your own doggie door; don’t do it. From complications with your screen door, to trying to install a double flap, the amount of frustration will be endless.

Find a professional you can trust to take care of the work for you. Calling a professional to install your dog frame will ensure that everything from the patio doors to the aluminum frame you want is done correctly. The last thing you want is to install the wrong vinyl flaps and end up with a security issue.

When choosing a professional keep in mind their experience in your area. Choosing a nationwide brand may seem like a great idea, but do they know your Arizona home and the creatures that linger close by? Buying from local businesses usually means they have a clear idea of what your needs are as a pet owner in your state.

JGM Pet Doors is an Arizona native pet door installation company that buys only quality materials from the USA. They also offer a 5 year warranty on your pet door models and parts. Remember that consulting with a professional is the best thing to do for both you and your pet’s safety.

Now that we’ve gone over a few basic things to consider before purchasing the right dog door, visit JGM Pet Door and browse the custom dog doors they’ve installed! You’ll quickly realize that they’re the perfect pet door installation company for your Arizona home. Call 602-PET-DOOR to install your new pet door today.